The Peak Fishing Team

Management Team:

Kerry Hatley, President (Experience: 35 years)

Jeremy Grace, Vice President of Operations / Managing Partner (Experience: 15 years)

Gary Davis, Vice President of Sales / Managing Partner (Experience: 21 years)

Jason Coe, Vice President of Technology and Finance / Managing Partner (Experience: 10 years)


Sales Team:

Bobby Gaines, Technical Sales (Experience: 24 years)

Kenneth Barnett, Field Sales (Experience: 30 years)


Operations Team:

Arthur Cravens, Senior Technical Advisor (Experience: 47 years)

Randy Wood, ETX/NLA Regional Manager (Experience: 10 years)

Michael Polve, Permian Basin District Manager (Experience: 10 years)

Chad Simmons, Senior Operations Coordinator ETX/NLA (Experience: 20 years)

Ivan Aguilar, Senior Operations Coordinator Permian Basin (Experience: 15 years)

Bill Humphrey, Senior Fishing Tool Supervisor (Experience: 20 years)

Henry Lebouef, Senior Fishing Tool Supervisor (Experience: 28 years)

Nick Cross, Fishing Tool Supervisor III (Experience: 24 years)

Marcus Monnin, Fishing Tool Supervisor III (Experience: 15 years)

Jim Bob Arp, Fishing Tool Supervisor III (Experience: 30 years)

Chris Watson, Fishing Tool Supervisor II (Experience: 24 years)

Don Robertson (contract), Senior Fishing Tool Supervisor (Experience: 42 years)