Thru-Tubing Fishing

Peak Fishing Services - Quality and Process

Peak Fishing Services offers a comprehensive Thru-Tubing Fishing Tool Line. Our highly experienced team of professionals are standing-by and ready to tackle any down hole challenge that may arise. We are prepared to address these challenges in even your most hostile downhole environments. We are committed to effectively and efficiently remediate these challenges with planning, collaboration, integrity, attention to detail, and a sustained dedication to quality and service. We will consistently produce positive results by providing our customers with clear communication, and accurately recorded provable metrics. Our attention to detail will carry-over into our comprehensive job reports and detailed tool schematics. This proven process results in a predictable pattern of dependable and repeatable success. 

Provided Thru-Tubing Fishing Services

Capillary String Recovery Operations

Coiled Tubing Deployed Plug Milling Operations

High Bottom Hole Pressure Operations

High Bottom Hole Temperature Operations

Jarring and Recovery Operations

Junk Recovery Operations

Low Bottom Hole Pressure Operations

Milling Operations

Sand Bridge Removal Operations

Sour Service Operations

`Stuck Packer Plug and Prong Retrieval Operations

Toe Preparation Operations

Wireline Recovery Operations