The Peak Fishing Team

Executive Team

Jeremy Grace
CEO / Founding member

Jeremy has been involved with the downhole tool industry for 21 years. He has extensive knowledge of both completion and wellbore intervention. His experience includes whipstocks, cased hole, open hole, and thru-tubing fishing operations.

Before his time in the oilfield, Jeremy attended Stephen F. Austin State University where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. After graduation, Jeremy took a job with Baker Oil Tools. Jeremy started out dressing tools in the warehouse, and then moved into a Service Supervisor/Operations Coordinator position. Jeremy’s interests soon shifted to Wellbore Intervention, so he embarked on a new career with Graco Fishing & Rental.

In 2005, Jeremy was instrumental in the opening of Graco Fishing & Rental’s facility in Longview, TX. While at Graco, Jeremy was a Fishing Tool/Service Supervisor, and eventually worked his way into an Assistant Manager’s role.

In 2009, Jeremy had the opportunity to open a new district for Peak Completion Technologies in East TX. After the successful launch of Peak Completions in East TX, Jeremy had the opportunity to pioneer the land division for the offshore fishing tool company Wellbore Fishing & Rental. With the help of the WFR Tool team, the land division soon grew from a small start-up to a highly profitable operation. The land division included operations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Jeremy’s successes soon earned him the title of Area Manager with Wellbore Fishing and Rental.

As Area Manager, Jeremy managed all operational aspects of the land division. Jeremy’s experience and abilities soon lead him back to Peak Completions. After a short stint there, Jeremy decided to found Peak Fishing Services LLC with his other partners and embarked in the role of Vice President of Operations/ Managing Partner.

Peak Fishing Services started in the oil depression of 2016 and quickly grew into a leader in the fishing tool industry in regards to technical proficiency and customer service. Peak Fishing Services now provide fishing operations in TX, LA, NM, OK, ND, AK, and MS. After three years of steady growth and profitability, Jeremy earned the position of CEO. As CEO, Jeremy oversees all business operations and works hand in hand with the other business partners to expand into other markets and facilitate adding other product lines to the company portfolio.

Jason Coe
COO / Founding member

Jason has 18 years of oilfield experience. After graduating from Texas A&M Jason started as a field engineer for Baker Oil Tools in Kilgore, TX. He ran tools for several years in multiple product lines across many states. These product lines included open hole completions and casing exits in multilateral wellbores. He played an important part in the Baker Oil Tools Bakken Shale completion program. He then moved to Houston where he helped customers as a region engineer with field expertise in multiple product lines. He performed in-house engineering and sales support for Hess Corporation in the Bakken Shale.

Jason then moved to Peak Completion Technologies as a region engineer and operations manager. He helped Peak with technical expertise on horizontal completions and offered valuable insight in new technologies such as composite frac plugs. He also performed interim District Manager duties for the Kilgore district. Jason then moved to Wellbore Fishing & Renal Tools where he was a founding partner and Director of Operations. He opened the first land district in Kilgore, TX. Jason then went to Reese Well site Supervision as a completion and workover consultant specializing in repairing large commercial saltwater disposal wells. Jason has patented two different horizontal completion technologies. One in sleeve design for multistage completions and the other is a horizontal well cleanout bit.

Jason is a founding member of Peak Fishing Services and is responsible for operation and finance. He also brings a wealth of knowledge to the operational and sales side of the business. In 2019, Jason was promoted to COO for Peak Fishing Services. Jason oversees the operations and works with the CFO to devise strategies for inventory acquisitions. He is continually striving to find ways to cut operational cost to increase margins while passing on additional savings to the customer.

Nick Cross

VP of operations

Nick has 31 years of oilfield experience, with 10 years on the rig side, and 21 in the fishing tool industry. Nick has worked in all the major basins, in multiple roles, including fishing tool hand and senior sales/technical support positions. Nick brings a wealth of knowledge to the table regarding the most complex open hole fishing, cased hole fishing, and thru-tubing fishing operations. Nick also has extensive experience with snubbing operations, and both stick pipe and coiled tubing drill outs. He brings dedication and expertise to the customer and is able to assist with even their most complex fishing jobs. His knowledge of cased hole or open hole fishing is unmatched in the industry.